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Some Information About Us

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Basically, My Sylvia "crossed-over" on April, 4, 2011.Although we are currently still married to each other, at that point in Time, we were married 30-years and spent more than 21-years no more than about 100-feet apart, 24/7, and we Loved every minute of it.

Our background and passion is as "musicians". Although we played music at several different types of places, such as Nursing Homes and "Spiritual" Churches, we had only written a fairly small number of original songs.

Because your current Earth "Society" doesn't respect the craft of "playing" music and "writing" songs, Sylvia and I needed a more reliable income. So we created our own Macintosh-only, training, troubleshooing and consulting business and devoted most of our Time to that… for most of those 30-years.

A month or 2 before Sylvia crossed-over, she said:

"You know, I think it's time we changed our focus and started working on our music."

During our 3-weeks in hospice, she mentioned that we will be working on our music "across the Veil".

All this Time, I've been doing my best to keep myself together… To stay focused on Sylvia… To keep our bond strong… To practice our telepathic link… Find a job and keep everything on track. Even now, as of this writing, it's been 242-weeks and I still have moments where I'm just not motivated to do anything. Then there are days when I feel bursts of energy filling me… diretcly from My Sylvia. During those Times, I do my best to make a little progress with our music.

Around January 2015, we started creating songs for our upcoming album. Then, in early October 2015, Sylvia mentioned an article we read recently and told me to stop work on our album and work on this song…


Some Information About This Song

This song is called: "Calling All Humans".

Sylvia and I have invested 42-hours in creating that song. If Sylvia was "physically" here, she would have finished it in an hour.

We mostly used our Korg Krome keyboard (for chords, bells and textures), our Novation UltraNova keyboard (for the opening and ending "space morse code" pattern), and my Roland TD-6 electronic drumset.

The "Singer" is Yamaha's "Cyber Diva" / "Vocaloid".

Basically, Sylvia wrote that song and guided me on what to play and how to play it.

The same day Sylvia crossed-over, she showed and told me something which told me to:

  • "hold our space"


  • "the Veils are getting thinner, I will be with you soon".

Ever since then, I've been Tracking various "alternative news" facets. One of them is from a guy who claims to have worked for one of the Cabal's "black ops" projects called the "Secret Space Program" (SSP). He now claims to not be a part of that project but because of his involvement, he's been in contact with several Star Visitor Beings and they have requested he, and a few other Humans, represent the Earth and attend various meetings with the different Star Races in this Solar System.

Around Summer 2015, he claims to have attended a meeting on Mars and saw thousands of Humans working… mostly mining the planet for the Cabal. He spoke with one of them and was told that they are the "fortunate ones" because they are alive on "Mars". They were told that the Earth was destroyed in a huge war, Pole Shift and various Earthquakes, etc.

One day, in early October 2015, Sylvia mentioned this information to me again and told me it was imperative that we get a message to those people who are in similar situations on most of the planets in this Solar System. We need them to know that the Earth was not destroyed and that the Humans on the Earth are about to round-up the last of the controlling-Cabal and take back this planet after 26,000-years of their control. That's what our latest song, "Calling All Humans" is about. Sylvia said that as people "play it" and "activate their minds with it", their energies… the essence that the Earth is still here, will permeate the "Veil" (surrounding the Earth) and get that message to those currently-captured people. When enough energy reaches them, they will then have the motivation, knowing and direction to take control of their situation and free themselves.

The Cabal is now extremely scared and their numbers have been greatly reduced. So their outposts on the other planets are thinly staffed. The LightWorkers have cut off their finances, control systems and have backed them into a corner. If we can get those Humans, on the other planets, to free themselves, they will then come back to Earth and help us here. Earth is the final stronghold in this Universe.

If ANY of this information is true, then this tiny song will help a tiny bit. If NONE of this information is true, then Sylvia and I have simply created yet "another song"… and that's fine.

Song Details

Some information about our song: "Calling All Humans"

  • It took me about 1-hour to pull the lyrics in from Sylvia. (That's a very long Time.)
  • It took us 41-hours to figure out the song, learn how to play the various parts and record everything.
  • This song contains 166 Measures
  • Most of it runs at 130bpm (beats per minute) The Bridge (the slow part) runs at 65bpm
  • Although this song is a bit syncopated, and has a strong rock-beat, I would categorize it as "pop-rock".
  • This song was written by Sylvia and assembled by Paul.

"Calling All Humans" © Copyright 2015 Infinity. All Rights Reserved.

This song is available from our

"CD Baby" page:

and from our "BandCamp" page:

Calling All Humans

(Lyrics started on 11/13/15 and took about 1-hour to write)

(Music finished on 11/22/15 and took 41-hours to learn, practice and record)


Calling all Humans

in this Starlight

Calling all Humans

receiving this Sunlight

Calling all Humans

on this starry night

The Earth is still alive!



Mars. Neptune. Venus and Mercury.

We are hear

reaching out to you.

Saturn. Jupiter. Uranus. Venus

and Pluto too…

Drop your fear

we are reaching out to you.



For eons of time

the Cabal spit out their lies

They locked up our minds

and had us hypnotized!


They created a Veil

took the wind from our sails

They took the key

from our… reality.



The Earth was not destroyed.

Take a look through the void.

Focus on, right through the Veil

The Earth still lives, we cannot fail.


It’s time to rise up and break free.

It’s time to take back Humanity.

The Cabal tricked us and hypnotized.

As they wove their web of lies.


We now reach-out across this Space

As we turn each stone… put the Cabal in their place.

Here these words, now, my friends.

This is the beginning. It was never meant to be the end!


Mars. Neptune. Venus and Mercury.

We never went away

Earth is still here to stay

Saturn. Jupiter. Uranus. Venus

and Pluto too…

They could never make a dent

We are the 99-percent



It’s time. It’s time. It’s time. It’s time. It’s time.

To take back the Human race

Put the Cabal in their place

It’s time. It’s time. It’s time. It’s time. It’s time.

Time to awake!



Calling all Humans

in this Starlight

Calling all Humans

receiving this Sunlight

Calling all Humans

on this starry night

The Earth is still alive!

Humanity has survived!

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