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Paul & Sylvia, "Infinity", performing at a Science Of Mind church.

Notice thatSylvia is playing an "Alpha Syntauri" synthesizer, controlled by an Apple ][ computer (middle keyboard), a Roland SH-09 synthesizer (top keyboard), an ARP 2600 (bottom keyboard), singing and reading music... all at the same time!

My setup consits of a Roto-Tom-based drumset and there's an ARP 2600 control panel to my right, which I program for Sylvia.

In this photo, you can see the back of the Apple ][ computer, another angle of my Roto-Tom setup, the side of our ARP 2600 and, to my far-right, a set of orchestra bells.

A photo from our wedding, 8/1/87

Notice that Sylvia is holding a purple Veil and I'm holding a sword.

Our Wedding Vows, which we wrote ourselves, can be found in our "hospice book":

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