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I created the following image around 2005. I call it: "Awakenings". I designed it entirely from scratch using a 3D modeling program, for the Macintosh, called "Carrara 5 Pro".

(I'm writing this on 9/22/13, 128-weeks after my wife, Sylvia, crossed-over. So I'm still in the middle of grieving and can't think as clearly as I could if her and I were never temporarily separated.)

So, if I remember correctly... The underlying information I received for this image is that once the collective consciousness of Humanity reached a certain level, a grouping of previously-hidden, domed chambers would reveal themselves around the planet. They would then open

A Human would then walk along the provided walkway and step into the hovering, curved immersion container. They would then use the simple control attached to it to activate the process and then lie down in the liquid.

After a few minutes, the process would be complete. The person would then stand up, walk into the other immersion container, activate it and lie down.

This 2-phased process brings that person to a higher-level of evolution within those few minutes. The process is in 2-stages, in order to first determine where that person's energy is resonating and the 2nd container fine-tunes their energies to the new alignment of their evolution.

When the domed chambers first appear, certain pyramids around the planet send a signal straight up from their center. (You can see this near the upper-right part of this image.) This is a coded mesage to those Star Beings who designed this system. The message simply reads:

"Humanity has reached the next plateau.

It's time to bring them home."


"Awakenings" by Paul Rego


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